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What we do


From witme. we are really excited to announce the opening of a new service entirely dedicated to Performance called Servy. With Servy we can help you get potential clients by generating geolocated and segmented leads that we obtain through advertising on Social Media and Google Ads.

How we do it

Generación de leads

A Lead is a person who shows a previous interest in a service and provides their contact information with the intention of being contacted. This way, this potential client will become part of your database and you will be able to contact him when you need it. All the Leads we obtain are exclusive for you, we will not transfer them to other companies from your competition.

¿Qué hacemos?


Desde witme. estamos entusiasmados en presentar la apertura de un nuevo servicio dedicado íntegramente a Performance llamado Servy. Con Servy podremos ayudarte a conseguir clientes potenciales mediante la generación de leads geolocalizados y segmentados que conseguimos a través de publicidad en diferentes Redes Sociales y Google Ads. En este caso sólo pagarás un coste por lead y nosotros nos encargaremos de todo


Generación de leads

Un Lead es aquella persona que muestra un interés previo en un servicio y brinda sus datos de contacto con la intención de ser contactado. De esta forma, este cliente potencial pasará a formar parte de tu base de datos y podrás contactarlo cuando lo necesites. Todos los Leads que conseguimos son exclusivos para ti, no los cederemos a otras empresas de la competencia.

New clients in just 4 steps

Choose your sector and hire leads

Define your sector, service and geographic location of your potential clients. Choose the number of leads you want and hire them.

We start advertising campaigns

We will contact you to ask you several questions and we will start advertising campaigns.

Receive the recently captured leads

We will send you the leads in the format you want immediately after getting them through advertising.

Get conversions

Contact the leads we send you, offer them your budget and get conversions.

Get qualified leads

We provide you leads with different needs in services of any specialty


Civil Law | Tax Law | Commercial Law | Family Law | Criminal Law.


Comprehensive reform | Bathroom reform | Kitchen reform | Painting | Other/Partial


Products | Weddings | Events | Family | Gastronomy.


Investment | Savings


Emergencies | At home | Exotic animals | Hospitalization.

Social Media Management

Community Manager

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Preguntas frecuentes

What is a lead?

The term Lead is used in marketing to refer to all those people who provide their contact information, with the interest of being contacted to receive a product, service or content of interest. This way, it becomes a record in your database that the organization can interact with.

Are the leads exclusive?

All the leads you receive are previously validated by a member of our team, so we can verify that it will be a real user interested in a service similar to yours. These leads will not be shared with any other company, they will be exclusively captured for you.

How can I hire?

The entire contracting process is done online and you can safely make the payment with your credit card . To do this, go to the Servy www.servy.es and click on the CONTRACT button that you will find in our HOW IT WORKS section and you will be redirected to a page to start the process.

I’ve already hired. And now, what?

Welcome to Servy! Once you have hired the plan, you will receive an email where we will ask you some questions to find out more about you and the service you offer in order to understand what type of lead you are looking for.