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Google Ads

SEM & Display ads focused on improving your roi.
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Traffic that works

Traffic that works, right ads, high conversion rates. We don’t just get you clicks, we bring sales.

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Focused on improving your ROI

Our only goal is to improve your roi. Each improvement, copy, creativity, and optimization, are all focused on getting a positive impact on your company’s profits.

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All of the strategies that we design are meant to be scalable, always keeping the roi. in mind.

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You're not alone

Our team works daily on your campaigns and it’s always at your disposal to work hand in hand and achieve your goals.

How Do We Work?

1. Situation analysis

Welcome! First thing we will do is a deep analysis of your product, web, landings. We will trace a plan with the right strategies to achieve your goals.

2. Initial Set-Up

With clear objectives, we analyze and implement tracking that will allow us to get a higher return of investment (roi.).

3. Goal Setting

Together we will set all of our goals related to the acquisition costs and volumes, based on real data, which will be reasonable for the roi. improvement.

4. Campaign Strategy

We will create a campaign that will allow us to launch the campaign with guarantees. This includes a search for interests, potential campaign structures, audience research…

5. Campaign launch

We launch campaigns with all kinds of strategies (prospecting, retargeting, re-engagement).

We create different copy’s and creativities to make A/B tests that allow us to improve results daily and create audiences based on traffic, current clients, etc.

6. Daily Optimization

We monitor and optimize daily. We create retargeting campaigns and lookalikes based on previous audiences.

8. Scalability

We don’t waste time: We scale what is working, and pause what’s not. We go through what can exponentially improve your roi.

7. Reporting & Insights

Even though you will always have access to your live statistics, we will create a series of reports that are clear and give us enough data for decision-making.

Lead generation

Si If you need a more specific approach or you invest over 10,000€ on marketing, contact us and we will make a personalized proposal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for advertising?

Advertising will be paid by you directly to Google Ads or the chosen social platform of your choice. If you do not have an advertising account, we will help you create it and set it up, and we will ask you for an access to be able to create and manage ads.


This access is revocable by your part, so you will always be the Administrator of this account and can keep managing your account independently at any moment.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

If you want us to clarify anything, you can email us to contact@witme.es, or call us to +34 913 95 22 65. You can always contact us also using this website’s contact form.