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Community Management

Design and management for your social media accounts

We Manage Your Social Media Content Strategy

Communication Strategy On Instagram & Facebook
Design And Planning And Scheduling Of Posts
Design Of Images And Copies
Moderation Through Comments And Messages

We take care of your social media!

Your brand’s social media platforms are very important to represent your brand in a visual and close way to your (potential) clients; they express who you are and how you wish to portray yourself. That’s why we are here to help you position your Instagram and Facebook profiles in an organic way, focusing in your brand’s essence. Our team of Designers and Community Managers will be in charge of designing everything, from images and copywriting, to monthly planning and uploading contents, so you don’t have to worry!

Do you need to delegate your social media completely?

Apart from being in charge of planning, designing and posting new contents on your social media platforms, we also offer the possibility of taking stress off your shoulders and being in charge of one-to-one communication. We will be on top of your messages and comments, replying them all to keep your business active and close to your followers, and make sure your brand’s image and tone are always present in each interaction.

Get more followers on Instagram

Are you looking to get more followers on Instagram? We offer you the opportunity of growing in an organic and segmented way! Not only we’ll be designing your content strategy for social media, but we help you get at least 500 new organic followers in a month! How do we do this? Technology based on artificial intelligence, which makes “natural” interactions through your account on Instagram (Follows, Likes, Comments and Story Views). No bots or fake accounts! Improve your branding and credibility on social media.

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