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We advise you and manage your Amazon Seller Center platform and ad campaigns to improve your return on investment

Increase your sales through Amazon


Improve the positioning of products


Improve your brand’s image through Amazon’s online store

Complete management

We take care of all the management for your marketing strategy and campaigns on Amazon


We carry out ad campaigns to increase your product sales


We advise you on how to improve the results of your sales on Amazon

Improve your roi. with Amazon

We carry out a comprehensive strategy focused on improving your presence, position and sales on Amazon

Why witme.

We do everything

We offer you a completely personalized service, which we adapt to your needs. From the creation and management of your Amazon store, upload and update of the product catalog, recommendations for improvement and ad campaign management. You can keep up to date with the whole process with the support of our Account Managers and results reporting for all of the actions we undertake.


Improvements review

If you already have your Amazon store, our team will analyze your store and carry out an improvements review, where we will give you the tips your stores needs in order to improve its position in Amazon, and we also offer you the possibility of making these improvements with us.

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  • From 400€ + VAT

    Basic Amazon Plan

    • Creation of your Seller account
    • Set-up of Seller Central
    • Manual upload of products
    • Update of catalog of products
    • Product descriptions
    • Review of logistics (FBA/FBM)
    • 2 A+ product pages
    • Improvements review
    • Contact Us

Additional Services

Additional pages of A+ products

A/B content test with A+ pages

Creation of Amazon Store Front

Advertising on Amazon

Creation of stores for other markets


What is Amazon Seller?

Amazon Seller is a platform that allows you to directly sell your products to Amazon customers, and lets you carry out the complete management of your Amazon store.

What is Amazon Store Front?

Amazon Store Front functions as a “store front window”. In other words, it is how to have an online store on Amazon’s own platform.

Can I sell in multiple countries?

Yes, in your Amazon Seller account, there is an option to open the market to other countries. You can translate the product pages into the language of each chosen market, and it will translate all of the details on the product page.

What is FBA/FBM?

It is the type of logistics that you choose to use when you are managing your product shipments. FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) means that Amazon oversees the process and makes the shipment, and FBM (Fulfillment by Manufacturer) is when the seller themself is the one who is in charge of this process.

How does advertising work on Amazon?

Advertising on Amazon uses the payment system Pay per Click (PPC), and creates ads based on key words and division of products. Advertising can be done through two types of targeting: automatic and manual. Within the types of ads we can find sponsored products in three forms: Ads for Products Sponsored by Amazon; Ads through Sponsored Links; Product Display Ads.

What is an A+ product page?

An A+ product page functions as a landing page or product destination page. We create a detailed product description, accompanied by supporting graphics. We take care of carrying out A+ A/B content tests, analyzing the results and choosing the one which has received the best response among users.

What is Buy Box on Amazon?

It appears on a product page, and it gives us the option to directly buy the product. In order to obtain a “Buy Box”, you must meet a series of requirements that will be reviewed by Amazon.

What does the improvements report consist of?

We carefully analyze your Amazon Seller account, we advise you regarding which improvements could most benefit your Amazon account, and we offer our services and experience in order to achieve this.