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Tepui Collection

Tepui Collection

One year ago, we packed our bags to cross the Atlantic ocean. Our travel to Amazonia was a revealing fact which has motivated us to appreciate nature even more and soon we realised we wanted to honour it through Witme.

There, we discovered its incredible savanna and the idyllic scenery it possesses. The Tepuyes are known by many people as the dwelling of the gods. It´s no wonder that the selfsame Arthur Conan Doyle has based his famous work ``The Lost World´´ in these beauties. As we did with our Mooring bracelets, we decided to create a product with a powerful meaning. Their difficult accessibility is the cause why the Tepuyes are still great unknown places for the 90% of humans and we want to bring a bit of their magnificence closer to you.

So, we are pleased to present our second bracelets collection inspired by nature and inspired for adventure. The fantastic landscapes from all around the world and all their valuable fruits have inspired us to launch our most natural collection: the Tepui bracelets.


From the Tuscan hills to Amazon jungle. All of them have seduced us to design each one. During several months, we have made a big effort in order to gather the best stones which now form these six bracelets: Baikal, Amazonite, Toscana, Oregon, Labrador and Patagonia.

The Tepui collection is the result of different combinations of jasper, lava, amazonite, labradorite, lapislazuli and serpeggiante. It has been carefully designed with Witme DNA in mind combining polished finishes to perfectly match our bracelets that are crafted from 316 stainless steel logo in which Witme´s passion has been engraved.

Are you going to say yes to Tepui bracelets? :D

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Say Yes to New Things !

Say Yes to New Things !

In the summer of 2016, this funny and crazy team from Madrid decided to start to take adventures. Our home was our studio and now, several months later and after a lot of effort and passion, we are able to show you the first baby of Witme.
The Mooring bracelet has been designed as a tribute to that summer. We were having fun but we wanted more, so we decided to create a product with a powerful meaning. All the members of the Witme team wanted an amulet that maintains us united since the beginning and...HERE WE ARE! We have achieved it and we are so happy :D
We say yes to passion, we say yes to effort and we say yes to perfection.
From immemorial times, the anchor has been used at the same time that navigation was developing but its design is still maintained nowadays and it has barely evolved due to its almost perfection. We have been seduced by this fact and we want to honour it.
The Mooring bracelet represents a starting point. It is an amulet that ties to your present with the idea of conquering the future. It connects you to your people, to your roots and to your dreams while you continue living your life.
Several ancient legends say that a good anchor maintains everything tied. This is the reason why the Mooring bracelet is made of 316 stainless steel and nylon, much more resistant materials designed to stand the heat and corrosion even to survive all the shipwrecks of life. So...if you really appreciate your family, your love, a friendship, your workmates or schoolmates or somebody in particular and you would like to stay united, you should have your Mooring bracelets too ;P
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